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Proper nutrition provides the body with essential nutrients, fostering tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and supporting overall wellness. It’s crucial for promoting musculoskeletal health, enhancing the body’s ability to recover from injuries, and maintaining spinal health. Additionally, strategic supplementation, when tailored to individual needs, can address specific deficiencies and support the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Our Doctors can recommend supplements for you or if you know what you already need, feel free to use our link to our online store and have your supplements delivered directly to your door!

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Free Health Screening

For those unsure if Chiropractic care is right for them or if Chiropractic care can help their ailment or condition. We invite you in to talk with one of our doctors.

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What is a free health screening?

As chiropractors we know there can be many stigmas and a lot of misinformation surrounding our 127-year-old profession, founded in 1895 by Daniel Palmer. We know we’re not the fix all for everyone but, how else will you know unless you ask? The truth is chiropractic care is the leading conservative care treatment available. We’d love to have you in the office to answer any questions you have about our profession and to discuss your healthcare concerns and any ailment you may be experiencing. Call Petra to schedule that appoint asap! Your body will thank you.