At Body Back Chiropractic one question we get asked often is “can I get adjusted during pregnancy?”. The answer to that is YES! Chiropractic care is safe and extremely beneficial during pregnancy. Studies show that women who see a chiropractor during birth experience shorter labors, less low back pain, less round ligament pain, and decreases pelvic dysfunction. At BodyBack chiropractic we use a perinatal technique to ensure that we optimize mom’s function during pregnancy, while creating a healthier environment for baby to grow in.

How We Treat Pregnant Moms In Portland, ME

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

The consultation and examination are all focused on finding out what is the cause of your pain or other concerns that you have during pregnancy. At BodyBack chiropractic we get to know our patients first and create goals based off of your life and concerns. We still utilize our M.A.P.S. approach while integrating a maternity specific technique to insure the most effective care is provided. We will bring you through a series of exams that are non-invasive and completely safe during pregnancy. This gives us a better understanding as how your body is moving, aligned, where pain/stiffness is, and what areas need more stability during pregnancy.

Specific Chiropractic Care In Portland, ME

One of the major causes of pain during pregnancy is spinal irritation. As you go through pregnancy many things change and create pressure in different areas of the spine. As you grow a baby your normal body biomechanics change, and pain/discomfort can follow shortly after.  With chiropractic, we balance pelvic bone function, release tense ligaments, and stretch out muscles that have becoming tight. All of this creates better alignment and a healthier pregnancy.

By correcting alignment, it helps create a better space for baby to grow and move around. When baby has more space to grow it allows them to be in the best position throughout pregnancy and for when they are ready to turn, preparing for labor. At BodyBack we also integrate appropriate exercise that you can be utilizing during pregnancy. Helping you stay healthy and having an easier pregnancy.

Muscle Treatment

Making sure that the muscular system is balanced during pregnancy is an important part of healing. We utilize a technique called Webster, this technique integrates muscle releases/stretching to create the best environment for baby. At BodyBack we also help educate our moms on pregnancy safe movements and always encourage exercise. We help you through recommended exercises that will reduce pain and help with an easier labor.

Common Symptoms During Pregnancy

Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common concern during pregnancy. This can be from shifting in your pelvis, different alignments due to shift in weight, and types of movement you’re doing during the day. We assess the pelvis for dysfunction and provide adjustments to help relieve pressure off of the spine. Then we bring you through exercises that will help limit the back pain as well.

Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain is another common concern during pregnancy. The round ligament attaches to the uterus on the superior end and on the inferior end attaches to tissue around the pubic bone. As baby grows this ligament stretches, which can cause pain along the side of your abdomen and even pain by your pubic bone. This is a very common pain that many women experience and is also really treatable through chiropractic care.

Mid Back Pain

Mid-back pain tends to start happening once baby get larger. This changes for every mom due to many things. Once baby gets bigger there is a larger shift in weight and alignment. This causes some spinal tension in the mid-back. At BodyBack we relieve this with adjustments and help with exercises that you can do at home. We want to teach out patients to help themselves away from the office, and how they can get relief at home through exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

Women that see chiropractors during pregnancy have been shown to have quicker and easier labors.

When should you see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

It’s never too late or early to start seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy. You can go in all phases.

Is there a chiropractor in Portland that see pregnant women?

Yes, we love treating pregnant mom’s in the office at BodyBack.

How do I lay on the table?

We have pregnancy pillows that allow out patients to lay on our tables comfortably.

What are some common areas that chiropractic helps with during pregnancy?

Low back pain, mid-back pain, pubic pain, round ligament discomfort, heartburn, acid reflux, and so much more!