Neck pain is common. We see it every day at BodyBack Chiropractic. It limits our sleep, driving, sitting at a computer, looking at our phone, our entire way of life. No one wants neck pain, but 1 out of 3 people get it annually. If you are one of those unlucky persons, you need answers on what is wrong, how to fix it and how to make sure you are not one of the 50% of people that will get chronic or recurring neck pain. Neck pain can be complicated as its cause is often unknown. Whether it come from acute injury, recurring bad posture, or past untreated injuries causing degenerative changes over time, finding what is wrong and what to do about it is important for immediate relief and long-term prevention.

The neck, or cervical spine, is made up of 7 bones, 26 muscles and the nerves for your entire body pass through it. It supports your head (brain), allows you to look in almost all directions, swallow, breathe and assists the body in even being able to balance. Most importantly, it is designed to be stable but move. When muscles tighten or joints do not move properly a variety of things can go wrong. Neck pain is often the beginning of what a patient feels but is the result of something more. Other signs of neck problems can include hand numbness and tingling, weakness in the arms or hand, balance issues, vertigo, pain with breathing. We turn to different answers for neck pain. Internet searches, at home treatments, our primary care physician, massage, etc. A multifaceted approach is the best.

If you feel lost with your neck pain and need to know where to go. Follow our MAPS system to relief. Our approach ensures that your neck has Movement it needs, in proper Alignment, Pain free, and is Stable and Strong to stay that way!

Comprehensive Consultation and Examination

The consultation and examination are all focused on you, the patient, and finding the root cause of your pain. We start by getting to know you as a person and how your neck pain is impacting life. We then get an in-depth knowledge of your health history, the stressors of life, and what in your life is affected due to having neck pain.

We then perform a complete comprehensive exam using our M.A.P.S. approach. Through specific testing of your nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems to determine where there are issues with Movement, Alignment (posture), Pain (stiffness), and Strength of the neck., We can then answer the questions every patient has: What’s wrong? How can We help? How long will it take to get better?

Specific Chiropractic Care

With the root cause of your condition known, we can begin specific treatments to alleviate your pain.

Our Chiropractic adjustments focus on restoring proper Movement, Alignment, and relieving neck pain. These specific movements are designed to be comfortable, gentle, and targeted directly at the root cause of your pain.

The neck has many moving parts, and when they are not moving it can cause irritation to the nerves, muscles, and joint movement. That is what chiropractic does. Through Manipulation it restores proper muscle and joint movement to allow nerve flow.

Many patients are nervous for their first adjustment but are pleasantly surprised that it is pain free, provides instant relief, and you walk out feeling much better.

Muscle Treatment

With neck pain often comes tight muscles. Muscles that stay tight start to develop what is called adhesions causing pain and discomfort. Muscles move joints, and when muscles are tight joints do not move. That is why we combine chiropractic manipulation with muscle work to make sure your pain is reduced, and your spine stays in alignment.

We utilize several different specific muscle techniques including Active Release Technique, Graston technique, cupping and trigger point therapy to provide improved Movement and instant Pain relief.

Corrective Stretches and Exercises

With the spine adjusted and muscles relaxed, we then teach patients how to care for their own neck. We use a system that teaches the foundations for a healthy neck starting with proper posture, stretching, and finishing with strength building exercises for the neck. Our goal is to get you out of pain fast, keep you that way and teach you what you can do every day to stay feeling great.

With patients teaming up by stretching and strengthening our corrective exercise programs do not just help you feel better temporarily, you get long lasting relief.