What is EMS?

EMS is used for rehabilitation purposes for activation of muscles that have atrophied / become inhibited post injury. The goal of EMS is to facilitate muscular contractions to assist the nervous system in proper activation of muscles. This done by acting as the brain does to stimulate muscles through the nervous system.

What is IFT?

IFT is used to relieve pain and assist the body in healing. Electric interferential current creates a deeper penetration than a TENS unite that helps to reduce pain. This is done through muscular relaxation as well as endorphin release at the cellular level.

What Conditions Does Electric Muscle Stimulation Treat?

EMS is most commonly utilized at BodyBack to activate muscles post nerve impingement such as herniated discs, radiculopathy, sciatica, peripheral nerve entrapments, and muscle weakness.

What Conditions Does Interferential Therapy Treat?

IFT is utilized at BodyBack for general pain conditions and for to help relax tense muscles. IFT is commonly utilized in chronic pain conditions.

What To Expect From EMS / IFT?

Both EMS and IFT are applied using electrodes on the skin to conduct a therapeutic electrical current to the muscles. This is done at the patient’s comfort level with many describing IFT as a massage. EMS is utilized to produce an actual muscle contraction producing a ‘ jumping’ affect that is both pain free and produces relax